Oregon does not have quite the variety of bottles as some other states, like New York, or Pennsylvania, but does have a few. Statehood was achieved in 1859,and the only known embossed bottle that might predate this seems to be for the Smith & Davis drug firm which first opened in 1850. Early pontilled bottles from the territorial and gold rush period have been found around the state,but are now pretty tough to find. Bottles from the days of early statehood through the 1880's can sometimes be found,and many of Oregon's most interesting and desireable bottles date from this period. Bottles from the mid-1890's to the time of WWI are the most plentifull. The types of bottles from Oregon is similar to most western states and includes,bitters bottles,sodas,beers,whiskey bottles,medicines,foods,druggist bottles,and milks.


      There are a handfull of Oregon bitters bottles.


      There are soda bottles from all over the state. Most of them are probably the newer crown-cap type, and there are also numerous hutchenson type bottles. There are only blob-top soda bottles from Portland, & Albany.There are really not too many embossed beers from the state.


       There are numerous Oregon whiskey bottles,almost all are from Portland,& the majority are 'newer'.The older glop-tops are quite rare.There are a variety of appealing flasks,as well as fifths,and numerous other styles and sizes as well.


       Most of Oregon's embossed medicines are from Portland and Salem.There are pretty rare examples from Pendleton,Dufur,and elsewhere. Oregon's best known medicines seem to be the Oregon Blood Purifier, and The very rare Oregon Unk-Weed cure. As with other medicines, some of Oregon's examples are colorfull and appealing.


There are a handfull of Oregon food bottles that are embossed, including some very rare jars.


    The biggest variety of Oregon bottles would be of this type. Many towns have examples. Portland was the second largest city on the west coast around 1900, and has well over 100 different examples with almost endless variation.Some are very common, and some are unobtainably rare. Oregon's first drug store opened in 1850,and embossed examples are known into the 1920's. The majority of these date from 1880-1916,and are clear colored, although colored examples exist. Some of these are very desireable. Portland had Owl Drug stores well established in 1910. These are common,and popular to collect,and include a lot of collorfull go-withs.


           There are numerous Oregon milk bottles from all over the state,including the older usually embossed ones as well as the newer painted label types,& interestingly the popularity of milks seems to be increasing.